One sunny spring day I saw a man falling into sea from the docks. He was already under the water when another man jumped after him and managed to pick him up. Soon there was an ambulance whose crew started resuscitating the almost dead man.

This accident came to me some years later when I was processing a performance about my identity as a twin. In the performance I am dressed alike to Anne puppet to which I give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. To the lungs of puppet there is attached a small microphone that takes sounds of my blowing. During the performance I sample this sound live with a computer and the performance starts to live its own sonic life.

The first version of the performance was carried out in 1998 with Max Savikangas. He was the person who suggested to put the microphone to the lungs and did the soundscape then. Later I have played the sounds myself.

©Miia Rinne